Homeless Group
The Homeless are in desperate need of our support. You can help us give them Haircuts, Shaves, New Clothes, Food to Eat and even Help to get Employment! You can help get them back on their feet through the Mobile Salon Project.
Veterans Group
Our Veterans deserve the Best. But right now they are receiving some of the worst. These Men and Women have fought and sacrificed for all of us. The least we can do is say Thank You with services they can use from our Mobile Salons.
Police Group
Many of our Law Enforcement have and are still receiving a pretty bad rep. But not all Police are bad. We as a society have to do our part to help our Peace Officers do their jobs. It is hard enough with them putting themselves in harm's way doing the jobs we civilians don’t want to do. So let's all give and support our local and nation wide Police Force by cooperating and working together to help everyone “LOOK GOOD & DO GOOD”...
Low Income Group
We have many low-income individuals throughout the city and in every state. As a society, we should take responsibility for doing whatever it takes to reduce and even eliminate this cancer on our society. The Mobile Salon Project has taken it upon itself to create a program delivering services like haircuts and hairstyles to the underprivileged and low income individuals in our cities and states and also taking donations such as canned goods, clothes and even gift cards to help those in need...
Firemen & EMS Group
A Big Thank You to the Firemen and the EMS girls and guys who come out everyday at the risk of their own lives to save ours. There is no better way to show our appreciation then through the gift of giving. And now that the Mobile Salon Project has a program to create Custom Mobile Salons that will come out to service all of you silent heros, it is definitely worth the donations...
Cancer Group
We all are aware that the treatment for cancer patients is extremely harsh and hard on the human body. Therefore, we believe that it should not be an even harder strain for patients to have to endure because of their looks. The Mobile Salon Project will be able to effectively aid in the looks and outlook of all these patients going through chemotherapy and other treatments that negatively alter their appearance.
School Kids Group
There are so many kids in school right now that need our help. They cannot afford proper haircuts or hairstyles so it will be up to you to donate to make this valuable service possible. We even have a reward program that the faculty and staff of any schools will be able to reward students that have good behavior and good grades with our Mobile Salon Project services.
Elderly Group
Taking care of our elderly should be one of our primary goals as they have taken care of us as we grew up. The Mobile Salon Project is a perfect way to give back to those who have given so much to us. With your donations we will be able to roll out to many elderly homes and retirement centers to perform services for the elderly and the infirm who cannot either afford it or able to make it out to a barbershop or beauty salon.
Got A Group Suggestion
You know of a GROUP that is in need of our Help? Contact The Shops & Salons Team using the info below. We want to Help...
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This is a letter to the General Public and all Sponsoring Companies. There is a new service coming to the United States. This service and the program is called the Mobile Salon Project. This program is created by the Shops & Salons NETWORK owned and operated by the Millionaire Owner Mr. Ronnie Mac. The program is collecting donation to create more Custom Mobile Salons Buses with locations all over the country to launch from.


The Mobile Salon Project has the sole purpose of providing services to the less fortunate and groups like the helpless and homeless. The Mobile Salon Project also is now servicing high profile support groups like Veterans, the Police, Firemen and EMS Teams just as a Thank You for the services they provide to all of us.


If you are a person or a company with a Heart to Help please Donate Here… If you want to see Real Change and actually be able to SEE YOUR MONEY AT WORK doing the thing that you donated your money for in the first place then Donate Here… If you are tired of giving and giving and not knowing what your money is doing or going for when you donate, then please Donate to the Mobile Salon Project where your money will be helping the most amount of people in the most Direct Way....

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